Agile Hour

keys to Winnovation: feedback & practice

October 19-21, 2021

Breakthrough 2


Potluckers are those who share what they're working on and
where they are stuck - so that the rest of our community can help!


LocMe App Pt. 2
Surveys are outdated and what I need are more intimate insights from the people I want to help.

After initiating the Build-to-Learn cycles, we need to launch prototypes. Only with constant trials and iterations can we get closer to the ultimate goal of impacting our stakeholders - the people who will use LocMe."


Where other people find themselves stuck is probably the same truth for a lot of others. With the deeper conversations you can have with your stakeholders via The Empathy Project, you can figure out the glaring problems that your stakeholders all have in common. Using the Future of Work app helps you iterate and improve your prototypes, until they are ready to effectively impact your stakeholders and solve their problems.

I’m stuck, what do I do?
"I feel like I get stuck sometimes due to personal reasons, and I lose that fire that keeps me going. As a member of a team launching something, I am trying to really show empathy to my target stakeholders, but I also see the importance of showing empathy sa sarili ko diba? How do I move forward?"


Take a step back and go back to your Genius, Purpose, & Service. Is what you're working on worth doing and does it align with your deepest truth? Your pursuit of any deep joy and meaning lies within the foundations on which your love and compassion is built on.


and her reflection on feedback

"Being called out in public is often seen in a negative light, but when properly framed it could actually be a tool of learning not just for that specific person but also for the people around who share the same challenges. Feedback is a way to expose your blind spots, and acknowledging that they’re there is the first step in filling the holes that you didn't know existed - perhaps radical candor is the way to exhibit true empathy because it is wanting the people around you to grow with you! Let’s be careful in practicing it too- we should consider where people might be as what Joana said, 'Careful not to break them before you could even build them up.'"

Andre & Ignite Team

We want something that would make ourselves connected to our own truth and the truth of others around us. Lifepad would provide a joint community that would help them through a self-guided journey into becoming balanced professionals pursuing their deep joys and understanding their truths.

Lifepad O/S. The core Lifepad experience takes our stakeholders on a 100-day journey to meet and connect with their deepest truths. Lifepad has no religious content and it is also nothing like the workshops, seminars, or other professionally-oriented programs anyone has tried before. In contrast, Lifepad is purely a deeply personal experience that is designed to make our stakeholders feel authentically connected to their own truth and not anyone else’s especially as their truths are manifested in the uniqueness of their life’s GPS.


Andre & Ignite Team


Lifepad addresses a gap in an aspect of coaching specifically in how the strengths finder lacks any deeper value, because when you get your top 5 talents, the results show your natural talents and not your actual strengths. To turn talents into strengths, you have to invest time honing them and it makes sense that Lifepad bridges how they can invest in their natural talents. Coaching becomes more powerful when you have a community walking towards the same journey together to support you.

A problem that may arise within Lifepad is the process of execution and accountability. Sometimes people might not opt to do the task assigned to their plan since it’s a self-paced app. And with being self-paced , the app also has an issue with accountability especially when there are no eyes watching. However, the community aspect helps address that by answering the question of who will really push you.
Thinking 1


What did I start in this week's Agile Hour and how will it drive
better outcomes and impact for my career, company or community?


Most of Ni2's October Cohort ended the month working on their projects, a big contrast when in the middle of the month, many in the community had to backtrack and validate or reassess their work/projects.

With the Daily Flights and the Ni2 App, they are now taking innovative practices into their endeavors. More progress to come in November!

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Agile Hour | Tuesday, 10/19

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Agile Hour | Wednesday, 10/20

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Agile Hour | Thursday, 10/21

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What they said in Google, Zoom and FB Live

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Students don't have a clear idea on what they are aspiring to be and therefore take a degree that will provide the most utility as opposed to choosing a degree they are genuinely passionate about.
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Sympathy is more than just feeling sorry, it's about sharing that burden to make the load lighter.
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Sometimes it's hard to receive feedback because we feel like we are embarrassed but if you really listen and humble yourself, you will see how it will benefit you 🙂
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Humility is the key. Knowing that we do not know everything in life is a key for us to be more open for learning.
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Did The Empathy Project with Isa last night. I really feel that the bulk of anything substantial lies within the stories you share outside the guide questions. It did help me plot out how I spend my time and priorities but more than anything it made me realize how close I am to the path of my personal fulfillment.
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One way to get back that fire is to navigate your purpose again with GPS. Don’t be hesitant and don’t hold back. Sometimes it is the thing na limiting yourself which is not helpful in getting unstuck.
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A lot of times mas napapansin ng iba ang mga mali mo. You can also learn from other’s mistakes and experiences <3
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Paano ka mahehelp if di ka mag aask or share, kaya sharing is also asking help din minsan 🤗like paano ka mag iimprove if kinikeep mo lang sa sarili mo yung ideas mo... #beoutoftheboxisdakey 💗
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My take on this one is that servant leadership is the key to successful mentoring. It’s never about you, it’s about them. Your team's success will reflect on you. Success is a collective effort and individual contribution. Practice the mindset of how can you help others and how can you contribute.

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